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A brief overview description of Benson's videos.

Benson our Border Terrier was a fit and healthy 4 year old full of energy and full of love. On the 18th April 2010 he suffered a herniated disc in his spine, we have no idea how it happened. In the space of 48 hours he lost the complete use of his back legs, we were devastated. He underwent surgery and spent two weeks in a veterinary hospital, unfortunately it wasn't successful and his back legs remain paralysed. We very nearly lost him but thankfully we didn't. He is in no pain, he is still full of energy and love. He lights up our lives everyday. This is his video of hope.......enjoy.

Benson our Border Terrier just having a great time. Living life to the full. This was before he became paralysed in his back legs. Which you can see in his other video.

If you have watched my other films you will know that our Border Terrier Benson suffered a slipped disc back in April and lost the use of his back legs. This is the next chapter in his inspiring story. Enjoy!

It's been a while since I posted a video, so I thought you might like to see what Benson has been getting up to this summer. As you can see he is still having a "wheely" great time and living life to the full!

Benson @borderonwheels having fun on his holidays.

West Sands, St Andrews, Scotland.

31st July 2017

I’ve had a busy year! Here’s to a Great 2019